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Global solutions in hydraulic. Since 1965


STERN, Global solutions in hydraulic

We are specialists in solving hydraulic problems and we can advise you on improvements to your hydraulic system.

Maintenance can be performed at the client's premises on a regular basis or whenever required.
We provide a wide range of options that can include a service agreement customised in accordance with your specific needs.

We can install monitoring devices to prevent unexpected shut-down of your system, enabling better scheduling of the repair and maintenance tasks adapted to your production requirements.


  • Replacement of gaskets and seals
  • Review of external and internal leakage
  • Checking for irregular movements
  • Meticulous documentation and analysis of developments of previous maintenance


  • Internal and external cleaning of the plant
  • Retightening flanges and connectors (leak prevention)
  • Verification of oil level
  • Analysis of the oil for change as required (degree of fouling, viscosity, temperature, etc.)
  • Checking filters (suction, return, pressure, etc) for change as required
  • Checking pump pressure and flow and detection of any unexpected noises
  • Checking the condition of manometers
  • Checking the condition of hoses and piping
  • Checking the consumption of electric motors and detection of any unexpected noises
  • Review of filter seals (leak prevention)
  • Checking operation of safety valve, solenoid valves and their sequence
  • Checking operation of the heat exchanger
  • Checking the accumulator charge
  • Meticulous documentation and analysis of developments of previous maintenance